I'm Back! Oh, How I've Missed You! 2022 Spring/Summer TOUR DATES


After a lonnnnnnnng time off (more or less since Christmas of 2020 except for a handful of sessions!!) I've returned to The Sacred Art of Sensual Touch. 

I've SO missed dropping into a timeless space of shared energy with you! 

Here's where you can find me over the next few months. Dates/locations are subject to change, but this is what I'm thinking...

May 25-June 6th Nashville, TN

June 15th-17th Boulder CO

June 20 & 21  St Louis

June 23-27th Chicago

July 11-15th Philadelphia...but only if I get enough pre-bookings, so call me now!

July 17-20th New York City! ...but only if I get enough pre-bookings, so let me know!

July 25th-29th Washington DC

August 3-17th Nashville

*Nashville Location Change....Because I was craving a quieter atmosphere, I've secured a new workspace in West Nashville, working out of a private residence in a very safe and upscale neighborhood. It's 12 mins from downtown and you will love it there! The bathtub is sexy-incredible, so definitely consider the Tantric Bath Ritual option!

I can't wait to immerse myself in love and sensual bliss with you!