I'm Back! Oh, How I've Missed You! 2022 Spring/Summer TOUR DATES


After a lonnnnnnnng time off,  I've returned to The Sacred Art of Sensual Touch. 

I've SO missed dropping into a timeless space of shared energy with you! 

Here's where you can find me over the next few months. Dates/locations are subject to change, but this is what I'm thinking...

June 12-22: Nashville, TN

June 23-26th: Chicago, IL

June 27th-July 5th Nashville, TN

July 6th-8th: Washington, DC (Tyson's Corner this time)

July 11-15th Philadelphia...Center City

July 17-20th New York City...Queens to be exact

July 24th-July 29th:  Santa Cruz, CA

August 3rd-15th Santa Cruz, CA

Sept 5th-20th Nashville TN

Sept 26th-30th   Washington DC

Oct 3rd-7th Philadelphia PA

I can't wait to immerse myself in love energy, and sensual bliss with you!