*Prebooking/Sending your screening info in advance, will be required due to the hectic conditions in the world right now!

*I'll be continuing to use these extra-cautious sanitation measures, to ensure your safety. 

Also, I'll be cutting my client load significantly, in order to have time for extra sanitation practices & to give my fancy machine time to purify the air. Tips have ALWAYS been welcome, but especially now that I'm working much harder to make sure we stay safe. :)

**I'm still working on the details, but here are my HOPEFUL UPCOMING TOUR DATES:

---WASHINGTON DC: June 11th & maybe the 12th 

---PHILADELPHIA: I'll be there for 3 days, I'm just not sure which days yet

---WASHINGTON DC again, JUNE 17th-19th-ish

A few of you have offered to prepay for sessions, or send me a gift, to help me through this difficult time. I'd absolutely LOVE that, as I've been in a near-constant battle with panic about my financial survival through all this! Your generosity and support truly mean the world to me!