Tantra in Nashville & Beyond

2024 Spring Tour

(These are tentative, and will be based on what prebookings I get, so reach out now to secure your date!)

*Nashville: Feb 21 through March 3rd

*Santa Cruz, CA: March 7th-April 1st

*Wilmington, Delaware: April 17th-22nd

*Philadelphia: April 22nd-27th

*NYC: April 29-May 6th

*Nashville: May 8th-15th

*Las Vegas: May 15th-19th (Wed through Sat)

*Nashville: May 20-24th

*Las Vegas May 24th-May 27 (Memorial Day Weekend, Thur through Sunday)

*Nashville May 28th-June 13th

*Las Vegas June 13th-16th

*Philadelphia June 18-23rd

*NYC or Wilmington DE June 23-July 1st

*Las Vegas July 3-7th