Buy My Panties

Recently a friend invited me to start selling my worn panties online with her, as she explores the concept. I thought it sounded fun and exciting!  Wanna help me get started with this??

I think it would work best to take special orders, so let me know what would appeal to you, and what you might want! Let me know if you've ever done this before...I'm so curious!

I go to the gym regularly. I hike, go out dancing, go to the beach, and (of course) I masturbate a lot, and could do any of those things in the panties. I thought it would even be fun to try to go horseback riding in a pair because I grew up with horses, and it'd be a fun way to get back into it. :)

My friend told me that you need to vacuum seal them, so the smell stays intact, so I can do that as well. I want you to be able to bury your face in my delicious feminine essence and have it be all there for you!
I typically wear organic cotton undies of various "cuteness-es"...I'd even be open to wearing ones you pick out for me, as long as they are made of cotton, which also apparently absorbs the smell the best. 

In my sessions I wear a black organic cotton thong with a lace top-band, but typically I wear more of a "bikini cut" for day to day wear. It's probably more the smell and the essence that matters than the actual panties, but let me know what you want!

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN WITH THIS!! :) Send me a text or an email if you're interested! 

808 425 1368