Get To Know Me

Hello Darling!
My name is Summer. 

It would be my pleasure to share pleasure with you! 

I am like the spiraling conch shell...Deep and feminine, beautiful, mysterious. 

When you spend time with me, I will whisper the sounds of the ocean, and make you forget allll about the mundane world! 

Equal parts playful & refined; I'm enthusiastically positive and open hearted.

I invite you to take the ultimate "one-day vacation" with me in my sensual retreat space. I'll get you feeling like a cloud floating across an azure blue sky. 

As you step out back to the world, you will glide through life feeling lighter, freer and happier...a new man!

In addition to making you feel fabulous, I specialize in the following areas:

~Lasting longer, and gaining more control over your orgasms

~Achieving multiple orgasms without ejaculating

~Erectile Dysfunction (This is growing more common after 3 years of sustained stress during the pandemic!)

~Recovery from heartbreak and divorce (I will shower you with affection and be a sounding board to help you work through your stuff)

~Healing shame and dissolving harmful messages about self and sex

I can't wait to share blissful timelessness with you! 

Let's get you feeling fantastic!

What is Summer?

Summer is a warm breeze & ice cubes clinking; happy sounds; frolicking, laughing, and merrymaking!  Summer is fun and freedom; playful adventure....the ultimate bliss!

What is a Tantra Massage Experience Like?

Imagine it....

I greet you at the door with a beaming smile & a long hug. You are put right at ease by my loving presence. You sit down and remove your shoes in the hallway and I lead you back to my beautiful session space. I have tea or filtered water for you, as we get settled and prepare to leave the troubles of the world behind...

Then, you'll have a soothing warm shower. I keep my gorgeous bathroom impeccably clean and softly lit, so your soul can start to soften...

As water slides over your skin, you feel your surface stresses begin to melt away.

Then, you'll come back into the decadent treatment room, and we make our way to the massage table.

As you sit on the edge, we embrace, and you feel my soft skin against your chest. My fingers run through your hair, or down your back, and you feel all of your cells tingling...we drop further and further into our sensual journey together...coming alive in the present moment, ripe with possibility....The breathwork and tricks I teach will take you into a completely different state of consciousness. If you follow my instructions and let me guide you, there is an excellent chance you will have the best orgasm of your life (I hear that all the time!).

Tantra is deep, with a palpable magic to it, and it will positively ELECTRIFY your body and make your soul tingle.

I am told frequently that there is no one like me in the industry.

My style of Tantra is about "the build" & mastering the flow of energy within your body. The longer the time we can have together, the more of an expansive and ecstatic state you will experience. It can have transcendent effects (on both body and spirit), but it does take some time to achieve the maximum effect. You won't be able to experience true Tantra in a 1hr session, therefore I do suggest longer sessions.

Fill out a booking form here for massage, or here for escorting, to get going on a sumptuous reset for your body, mind, and soul!! 

Can't wait to touch you!