Get To Know Me

~~~ She's my Summer Love in the Spring, Fall & Winter ~~~

Hello, My name is Summer Dew.  I'm a classic Gen X baby...So my theme song was Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

It would be my pleasure to share pleasure with you!

I've been studying & developing my signature Tantra Massage style since I was 23 years old (I'm 42 now).

I'm frequently told there is no one else like me in the industry!

I'm based out of the Bay Area of California, but I love to travel.  I offer Tantra Escort &
Sensual Massage in Nashville TN, Washington DC,
West Palm Beach, Philadelphia, New Jersey/NYC & Hawaii. (Click here for my touring schedule & let's get yummy!

I'm in high demand, therefore my schedule fills up fast, and same day availability is rare.
Please fill out a Booking Form ASAP if you'd like to see me when I'm in your area.

"Summer is like the spiraling conch shell...Deep and feminine; beautiful; mysterious. She will whisper the sounds of the ocean, and make you forget allll about the mundane world!"

In addition to making you feel fabulous, I offer Sex Coaching in the following areas:

~How to last longer in bed

~How to gain more control over your orgasms

~How to achieve multiple orgasms without ejaculating

~How to recover from heartbreak and divorce

~How to heal shame and dissolve harmful messages about self and sex

Let's get you feeling fantastic!

What is Summer?

Summer is a warm breeze & ice cubes clinking; happy sounds, frolicking, laughing, and merrymaking!  Summer is fun and freedom; playful adventure....the ultimate relaxed bliss!

Why Tantra Massage & Tantra Escorting?

Tantra is deep, with a palpable magic to it, and it will positively ELECTRIFY your body and make your soul tingle. 

Tantra has the power to transform you! It's a vast and complicated, ancient system that can quite literally change your life...and most certainly your sex life!

Fill out a booking form here for Tantra Massage, or here for Tantra Escorting, to get a sumptuous reset for your body, mind, and soul.