Get To Know Me

Hello Darling!
My name is Summer. It would be my extreme pleasure to share pleasure with you! 

I am like the spiraling conch shell...Deep and feminine, beautiful and mysterious. When you spend time with me, I will whisper the sounds of the ocean, and make you forget about the mundane world!

I invite you to take the ultimate "one-day vacation" with me in my sensual paradise. You will leave completely satisfied, with a secret smile...feeling like a cloud floating across an azure blue sky. 

I'm a perfect balance of playful and exquisite; sophisticated and relaxed; authentic and refined...and I can't wait to share blissful timelessness with you!

What does Summer mean to you?

Summer is a warm breeze and ice cubes clinking, happy sounds of laughing and merrymaking!

Summer is fun and freedom...a playful adventure. Summer is the ultimate bliss!