Some Recent Words From Happy Tantra Sensual Massage/FBSM Clients in Nashville, Washington DC, Philadelphia & Beyond:

 "That was unexpectedly wonderful. I'd like to book another Tantric Massage with you, in the next few days, while you're still here visiting!" 

-T.R. in Nashville, TN 

 "What you offer is highly unique, and I haven't found the same quality of FBSM here in Nashville before finding you. Now that I've tried Tantra Massage I don't want to have to go back to just a "Body Rub" again! Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back to Nashville soon!" 

-J.L. Nashville, TN

 "Sweet, sexy girl, and I've been floating all day since our session." 

-M.H. Washington, DC

 "Summer is FANTASTIC!  Better in person than her pictures, and her session was well worth the money. Can't wait to see her again" 

-J.C. Cupertino, CA

 "Summer is such a doll and I felt so relaxed and uplifted by her. Her touch is straight magic, and she took me to a level of pleasure I didn't even know was possible." 

-S.M. Philadelphia PA

"Man, I went into some kind of trance-like state! I was in such an extended and heightened erotic place it blew my mind. You really created an incredible sensual experience for me that I'll never forget." 

-T.J. Cupertino, CA

"I have gotten a fair amount of Body Rubs in Washington DC and always enjoyed them. I'd even seen a couple of "Tantra Massage" providers before. But Summer completely dazzled me beyond anything I expected to experience from a Sensual Massage/FBSM, even with the word Tantra attached to it. Summer's sessions were just "next level". 

I am not kidding when I say I was tingling for WEEKS. It was the best massage I've ever had. I had so much energy pulsing through my whole body and so much more control over my energy than I'd ever had before, thanks to her coaching. I honestly just couldn't even believe it!" Thanks, and I can't wait to see you again Summer!!  

-J.M. Washington DC

"I had a session with Summer many months ago, and that feeling is still imprinted on my brain. It still feels so vivid! I shiver when I think about it. She brought me to the edge again and again and then finally took me over. And when I finally could bear to open my eyes I thought I saw a goddess, with her perfectly shaped figure silhouetted against the lit wall and her divine fingers touching me...looking back, I don't think I was wrong to see her as a goddess!"  

-Jake, Philadelphia, PA

"Summer, you are so gifted at what you do and I'm so appreciative! You've set the bar pretty high, so I'm afraid to see anyone else for a Body Rub in Philadelphia now!" 

-J.W. Philadelphia PA

"That was unlike anything I've experienced before. I feel like my soul had an orgasm."

~S. D. Nashville TN

I'm so honored by the reviews that have been graciously sent to me. I do hope that they will help you feel comfortable to set up a session for yourself!

These reviews, sent to me personally, feel like "Thank You Notes", and I love them! :)

If you're a new client, please feel free to call me (after reading through my Etiquette and Services/Rates pages) so that you can hear my voice and get a feel for me! I'm happy to answer questions, and chat a little, to help you take the leap of faith to meet with me. I promise you'll be happy that you took a chance on me! 

It's my highest intention to use all my Tantric secrets to give you the best sensual massage experience you've ever had. :) It would be even better if you'd also let me teach them to you!

offer a sincere 'Thank-You' to the clients above, who were gracious enough to send their words of appreciation to me! <3!

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