Testimonials for Summer Dew, Tantra in NYC,Philadelphia, Washington DC, Nashville, and Beyond

Reviews of Summer's Tantra in West Palm Beach, Nashville, Washington DC, Philly, NYC

"That was unexpectedly wonderful. I'd like to book another epic massage with you, in the next few days, while you're still here visiting!"  -T.R. in Nashville, TN

"What you offer is highly unique, and I haven't found the same quality of FBSM in Nashville before finding you. Now that I've tried Tantra Massage I don't want to have to go back to just a "Body Rub" again! Thank you for visiting, I hope you come back soon!"
-J.L. Nashville, TN

"Sweet, sexy girl, and I've been floating all day since our session."
-M.H. Tantra Lover, Washington, DC
"Summer is FANTASTIC! Better in person than her pictures, and her session was well worth the money. Can't wait to see her again"
-J.C. Los Gatos, CA

"Summer is such a doll and I felt so relaxed and uplifted by her. Her touch is straight magic, and she took me to a level of pleasure I didn't even know was possible. I will never see another provider for Tantra Massage in Philly besides Summer!"
-S.M. Philadelphia PA
"Man, I went into some kind of trance-like state! I was in such an extended and heightened erotic place it blew my mind. You really created an incredible sensual massage experience for me that I'll never forget."
-T.J. Santa Cruz, CA
"I have gotten a fair amount of Body Rubs in Washington DC and always enjoyed them. I'd even seen a couple of "Tantra Massage" providers before. But Summer completely dazzled me beyond anything I expected to experience from a Sensual Massage/FBSM, even with the word Tantra attached to it. Summer's sessions were just "next level".
I am not kidding when I say I was tingling for WEEKS. It was the best massage I've ever had. I had so much energy pulsing through my whole body. And I had so much more control over my energy than I'd ever had before, thanks to her coaching. I honestly just couldn't even believe it!" Thanks, and I can't wait to see you again Summer!!
-J.M. Washington DC

"I had Tantra in Philadelphia with Summer many months ago, and that feeling is still imprinted on my brain. It still feels so vivid! I shiver when I think about it. She brought me to the edge again and again, and then finally took me over. And when I finally could bear to open my eyes I thought I saw a goddess, with her perfectly shaped figure silhouetted against the lit wall and her divine fingers touching me...looking back, I don't think I was wrong to see her as a goddess!"
-Jake, Philadelphia, PA
"Summer, you are so gifted at what you do and I'm so appreciative! You've set the bar pretty high, so I'm afraid to see anyone else for a Sensual Massage in Philadelphia now!"
-J.W. Philadelphia PA

"That was unlike anything I've experienced before. I feel like my soul had an orgasm."

~S. D. Nashville TN

I'm so honored by these reviews that have been graciously said or sent to me.  I invite you to send me a review (good or bad, as I'm always open to feedback that will help me improve my offerings)!

These reviews feel like "Thank You Notes", and I love them! :)

If you're a new client, please feel free to call me (after reading through my Etiquette and Services/Rates pages) so that you can hear my voice and get a feel for me! I'm happy to answer questions, and chat a little, to help you take the leap of faith to meet with me. I promise you'll be happy that you took a chance on me! 

It's my highest intention to use all my Tantric secrets to give you the best sensual massage experience you've ever had (and teach them to you)!

offer a sincere 'Thank-You' to the clients above, who were gracious enough to send their words of appreciation to me!

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