Session Options & Rates

1. Tantra FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage)

Relax on a professional massage table, and be pampered, while you learn how to expand your sexual energy and move it through your entire body.

(2.5Hr+ Sessions Recommended)

Travel Rates in Las Vegas, DC, Philly, NJ/NYC, West Palm & Other Destinations:  (adjusted to cover travel costs)

$ 500/ hr
$ 700/90mins
$ 850/2hrs
$ 1050/2.5 hrs
$ 1200/ 3hrs

Nashville & Bay Area (where I am most often):


$600/ 90 min

$750/ 2hrs

$900/ 2.5hrs (I recommend to start)

$1100/3hrs (Add the Bath Ritual and this is the ideal session!)

Note: Sometimes people ask to "try me" and just start with an hour.  But I highly recommend a minimum of 2+hrs so you can actually feel the difference that the Tantra exercises make. Shorter sessions don't achieve "less of the same thing", because real Tantra takes time. Therefore, the real jewel of what I offer lies in the longer sessions. When business is hopping (which is almost always for me) I'll often require a 2hr minimum.


*Tantric Bath Ritual Add to any session that's 2hrs or longer, $120

*Cuddle Sesh: Add to any session that's 2hrs or longer $120

*Tea & Talk: Let's sit together & share tea. A lovely way for us to relax and get to know each other before the session: $100 

**Couples Sessions: 1.5x the cost of any session rate. 2hr minimum. 3 hours or more is recommended.

Benefits of Tantric Massage:

  • Expand your capacity to receive. 
  • Deepen your connection with yourself & the sacred energies around you.
  • Learn new tricks to feel into your own pleasure in a MUCH bigger way than you've probably ever experienced.
  • Learn how to sustain and lengthen the pleasure joyride!!

"When I was in Washington DC, Sensual Massage with Summer really saved me from the stress of work and travel! I'd highly recommend her." ~John B.

"It's my EXTREME pleasure to make you feel amazing!!  I love this work, and I bring my genuine open-hearted enthusiasm to every session!" ~Summer Dew Tantra Guide

More About The Tantric Bath Ritual

A decadent way to unwind together.

I'll create a softly-lit, deeply luxurious atmosphere for us to forget about the outside world. Relaxing music plays, as I pour warm water over your skin. The sounds of water trickling calms your mind. I might sing to you or chant "OM"...I love resonant bathroom acoustics! If you'd like, I can add Epson Salts to soothe your muscles.

I may scrub your back, or just run the slippery soap all over you.

Fall into a deeply relaxed state under my tender loving care.

Then, we'll move onto dry land to enjoy the rest of the time together as we see fit.

Add an extra $120 (only available on 2hr sessions or longer)

2. Escorting, Companionship & Advanced Tantric Tutelage:

Dinner, drinks, explore an art gallery, go to a concert...Fly me to you, or fly to me! The world is ours.

Or, let's just stay in and get cozy. In the privacy of our own sacred space, I will help you advance your Tantra skills & take you to the next level.

More intimacy = more goodness. 

Click here for more info and to apply.

$1200/hr (2hr minimum, 3-5hrs+ recommended)

3. Tantra Bondassage

For The Adventurous!

 2.5Hour Minimum for New Clients. (I'm loosening up my prior requirement that you have at least one Tantra FBSM session with me before this session. Instead, I'm now requiring a minimum 2.5 hr session time so I can incorporate Tantric teachings into this session.




*Strap On Tutorial:  Add $250 if you'd like me to model a strap-on during the session and teach you about it *only available when I have it with me, and, I don't always have it in every location. If you'd like to ensure this in your session, you may purchase me a harness & dildo via my Throne Wishlist.

What Is Bondassage & Why Should I Do It?

  • A great session for those who spend their days in the power position...'Type A' personalities, over-acheivers, decision-makers, and anyone who has difficulty letting go. This will help you recover from "power-fatigue".
  • I'm trained & experienced in Bondassage (TM) but I've added my own twists, and have all the toys to stimulate and torture you playfully into submission. ;) I don't do humiliation, role-play or fetishes.

  • Surrender to me, as I tie you to the table, and take you on a deep journey of sensation-play, & exciting surprises...

4. Travel and Overnights  FMTY (Fly Me To You) or let's take a trip! once we've established a quality connection, I'd love to accompany you on a trip, or fly to meet you. My Escort rates will apply for all time spent together, plus First or Business Class Airfare, and Upscale Hotel Accommodations (my own room). Although I'll be sleeping in my own room, we can certainly cuddle before and after we sleep!

*For Established Clients Only*

*The price of a trip will somewhat depend on the circumstances, but a ballpark budget would be in the range of $1200/hr for the first 8 hours together & $500/hr for all time spent beyond that.

*Lately I've been getting requests from friends I haven't met yet. If we haven't met, I require a $200 donation to discuss any sort of potential trips. Please follow the instructions on my FAQs page before contacting me. This protects me from "fantasy bookers" looking for free titilation. Thank you for understanding.

5. Coaching I love supporting men (and women!) & I have the skills, training and experience to help you take your life to the next level.

On the flip side, I also love to BE coached, and I love to learn! Finance, language, culture, real estate, business, music, art, many things in life interest me and I'd love to learn from you!

Coaching can range from something casual that might feel like "pillow talk" ; or addressing sexual issues; to more serious counseling around loss, or pain. I'm trained and experienced in holding a space of unconditional love, to help you process whatever you might be ready to release. It would be an honor to support your growth and evolution.  It's so fulfilling to watch my clients' lives improve! I've helped people: quit smoking, change careers, overcome anxiety (the root cause of most erectile dysfunction) change diets, start exercise programs, heal loneliness, navigate the difficult terrain of breakups, etc.

I'm a master of NVC (Non Violent Communication) which can be a real game changer in relationships. I've even found it to be useful in the lifelong quest of learning to love and accept ourselves.

By Phone: $300/hr

Add On To Any Session $200/30 mins

Here's My Wishlist in Case You'd Like to Spoil Me!