Services & Pricing

"Oozing with sensuality, and highly skilled in the Erotic Arts, Summer obviously loves to pamper!" 

I've been studying, developing, & fine-tuning my signature Tantra Massage style since I was 23 years old. I'm frequently told there is no one else like me in the industry! So, are you looking to experience Nashville Tantra or Bondassage in Washington DC , or perhaps just try a sensual bodyrub in West Palm Beach?  When you've read through the site and are the button below!

I can't wait to get my soft hands all over you, and make you feel AMAZING!!



1. Erotic Massage/Tantra FBSM

Tantric Full Body Sensual Massage (2Hr Session Recommended)

*I take cash, crypto, or gift card payments. I can take Venmo, but need to charge an extra 10% for all Venmo payments.

$400/hr *Many people ask to "try me" and just start with an hour.  But I highly recommend 2hrs or longer, so you can feel the difference that the Tantra exercises make. These techniques take a little time to work their magic. And an hour just won't be enough time for them to make an impact on your orgasm, and you won't leave getting the full experience of what my sessions are like. And hour is nice and relaxing, but isn't really going to give you the actual experience of Tantra.

$550/90 min

$680 2hrs 

$850 2.5hrs


*Tantric Bath Ritual: Add to any session 2hrs or longer, $120

*Tea & Talk: Let's sit together & share over tea. This is a lovely way for us to relax together a little bit before the session, $100 

**Couples 1.5x any session rate, with a 2hr minimum. 3 hours is recommended.

*My apologies, but I don't really like doing outcalls. Therefore, I charge double my normal rate. I much prefer to host in my thoughtfully arranged pleasure-palace!

Benefits of Tantric Massage:

  • Be engulfed with heart-opening  pleasure and feminine softness, as I glide my skin across yours, and caress you with a light feather touch. I will guide you through various energy-expanding Tantra techniques designed to flood your body with delicious sensations, and give you more control over your sexual experiences
  • Learn how to control your orgasm and move your sexual energy through your entire body &/or into your lover
  • Learn how to turn a person on...even before you touch them
  • Learn how to feel your own pleasure in a MUCH bigger way than you've ever experienced
  • Deepen your connection with yourself & your lover
  • Learn how to expand your capacity to feel good...and to sustain that joyride

It's my EXTREME pleasure to make you feel amazing!! I love this work, and I bring genuine open-hearted delight to every session.

Your Tantra Experience

Imagine it....

I greet you at the door with a long hug and a beaming smile. You are put right at ease by my loving presence. You sit down on the bench and remove your shoes in the hallway and I lead you back to my beautiful session space. 

I have tea or filtered water waiting for you as we get settled and prepare to leave the troubles of the outside world behind.

Then you'll have a soothing warm shower. I keep my bathroom impeccably clean, and softly lit, so your soul can start to soften. As the water slides over your skin, it washes away every surface stress that you don't need anymore.

Then you'll come back into my decadent treatment room, to the massage table. I'll have you start by sitting on the edge of the table so we can breathe together to get grounded, out of our overworked-minds, and into our amazing and wondrous bodies...coming into the present moment, ripe with possibility.

From here, every session is different, and I honor the present moment to see where I am guided by intuition. I love to listen to your needs and give you exactly what you've been craving.

Our time together can be playful, or profound....ACTUALLY... it's going to be playful, AND profound! 

Tantra is deep, with a palpable magic to it, and it will positively ELECTRIFY your body and make your soul tingle.

The breathwork & tricks I teach you, will take you into a completely different (and amazing) state of consciousness (Read my Testimonials here to learn more about the incredible impact my work has had on people). 

If you follow my instructions and let me guide you, I promise you will have a mind-blowing, out-of-this-world orgasm like you've never felt before. I get told all the time that there is no one like me in the industry. 

My style of Tantra is about the build & mastering the flow of energy within your body. The longer the time we can have together, the more of an expansive and ecstatic state you will experience. It can have transcendent effects (on both body and spirit), but it does take some time to achieve the maximum effect. You won't be able to experience true Tantra in a 1hr session, therefore I do suggest longer sessions.

Please text me now, and introduce yourself (with your full name please) to get a sumptuous reset for your body, mind, and soul!!

(808) 425 1368

   2. Tantra BDSM.assage

 2Hour Minimum, and you must have at least one Tantra FBSM session with me first, to make sure you've got the Tantric foundations, before we move on to this next level of adventure!


What Is Bondassage & Why Should I Do It?

  • For The Adventurous! 
  • A great session for those who spend their days in the power position...Type A personalities, over-acheivers, decision-makers, and anyone who has difficulty letting-go. This will help you recover from "power-fatigue" and "decision -fatigue"
  • I'm trained & experienced in Bondassage (tm) and have all the toys to stimulate and torture you playfully into submission. ;) I don't do humiliation, role-play or fetishes, I'm more like "your extra spicy girlfriend, who will take control, and playfully FORCE you to relax"!!    :)
  •  Additionally, because you will lay a Tantric foundation with me first in the required Tantric FBSM sessions, this will heighten your experience beyond a normal Bondassage (tm) session.

  • Learn to surrender, as I tie you to the table, and take you on a deep journey of sensation-play, and exciting surprises...

3. Tantric Bath Ritual

An incredibly decadent way to unwind together. 

I'll created a softly-lit, deep and luxurious atmosphere for us to forget about the outside world for a while. Relaxing music plays as I pour warm water from a pitcher all over you. The sounds of water trickling over your skin calms your mind. I might sing to you or chant OM...I love resonant bathroom acoustics! :) I can add Epson Salts to soothe your muscles, and have a wide variety of naturally-scented soaps and/or essential oils that can add to the experience. Sometimes it's fun to put fresh flower petals into the bath.

I may scrub your back, or just run the slippery soap all over you, to create a blissfully sensual experience! Nothing beats the feeling of warm water being poured over your neck, shoulders and chest while you fall into a deeply relaxed state under my loving care.

Then, we'll move onto dry land to enjoy the rest of the time together as we see fit.

Add an extra $120 to any session, 2hrs or longer.

4. Coaching I love supporting men in every way & I have the skills, training and experience to help you take your life to the next level! In fact, Coaching is what I did for a living before I got into this current line of work.

This could range from something casual that might feel like "pillow talk", to more serious counseling around trauma, betrayal or loss. I'm trained and experienced in holding a space of unconditional love, to help you process whatever you might be ready to release. Topics don't have to be sexual in nature, and I've been teaching, counseling and coaching for 13 years.  It would be such an honor to support your growth and evolution.  Plus, it's so fulfilling to watch my clients' lives improve! 

           I've helped many people quit smoking, change careers, overcome anxiety (spoiler alert...this is behind most Erectile Dysfunction issues), move out of unhealthy partnerships, change their diets, start exercising, heal loneliness, navigate the emotional terrain of break-ups, and be better partners and lovers. I'm a master of NVC (Non Violent Communication) and you would be amazed at how that style of communication will change the quality of your relationships. If you've never been in therapy before, I'll let you in on a secret....Life gets WAY better when you're carrying around less baggage!

By Phone: $280/hr

In Person: Standard session rates apply

5. Dinner Dates I love interesting conversation and delicious food, and would be happy to join you for some fun on the town! Or we can get tea, go for a hike, or I can lead you through some yoga! 


6. Travel and Overnights Once we've established a quality connection and I feel comfortable with you, it would be fun to accompany you on a trip, or fly somewhere to meet you! 

$2800/day + travel expenses

7. Extended Tantric Companionship Please inquire if interested. For established Tantra students only.