Tantra Escort in Nashville (and beyond)

Tantra Instruction Through Escorting

What is a Tantra Escort, and why is it on the menu now?

A Tantra Escort is a Tantra Teacher who teaches through more intimate encounters.

I teach Tantra techniques that really work, so they create really juicy space of rapture and overwhelming pleasure.

In addition to our time together behind closed doors I love to spend quality time dining together, shopping, going to a show, for a hike, drinks, a yoga class, or a workout.  I am passionate about so many subjects and absolutely love getting to know you better. We could easily talk for hours and lose ourselves in the magic of deep conversation, in addition to the private time we spend together in my beautiful home or upscale hotel

Why now?

In the past, when I was a "Strictly Tantra Massage" provider, I sometimes felt tempted to take my offerings further, but I rarely ever did.

Back then, my work was "uni-directional". The session was only about you and your body, circulating energy within itself, and I didn't so much in the way of actually teaching Tantra. That's how most Tantra Massage providers approach their sessions.

But at this point, my understanding of Tantra and sacred sexual practices has really evolved. And I want to take an active role, and enjoy that "with you", not "at you" if that makes sense. I want to feel your heart open with mine, and get swept away with you! So I've been asking myself, Why not teach Tantra in a more intimate context?

I'm so passionate about the energy practices that I've been mastering over my 13 years in the session room as a Sensual Massage Provider, that I decided to offer Escorting as a way to take that to some other levels.

What do I mean by "Limited Availability"?

Well, this new offering differs from a typical escort in many ways.

First of all, I am extremely "low volume", in that I may only offer a session of this nature a few times a year. You'll need to fill out my special Booking Form below if you are interested in applying.

Secondly, I am offering Tantra Instruction, rather than a "have your way with me free-for-all" (although once you've learned enough, it could certainly come to that!)
Real Tantra is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I mean completely next-level-blow-your-mind-you-didn't-know-this-was-possible-kind-of-amazing. If you've tried it, but it didn't "hit" yet...keep practicing! 

Many providers throw the word Tantra around, but many don't really understand the full capacity of it. Even my very-satisfied tantra massage clients are just experiencing the tip of that iceburg. Even in our first few escorting sessions you may only experience the tip of the iceburg! Please do stick with it if you want to reap the vast and fabulous rewards that lie in the deeper realms of this beautiful energy magic!

And also...

My real-time boundaries and authentic turn-on and energy flow will guide the process. I've heard from clients that they've seen escorts who didn't seem all that "into it". But, because I am quite literally teaching you how to please me each time we are together, I'm able to show up as an authentic lover. The magic we co-create will be unique to us, and our specific dynamic.

I LOVE to energetically surrender to the Tantric flow once my lover's body has become a Tantric channel. And yet, even in total surrender, I remain the teacher. As your Sacred Intimate I'll be guiding your energy-moving-skills throughout our time together. I'm acutely tuned in to energies and can feel yours and can guide it into the place that will bring us the most pleasure. I want this pleasure too. And I want to teach you not only how to be a better lover, but how to generate a better experience for yourself as well.

I'll hold space for your tenderness, as well as your fire.
Tantra is as much about Spiritual devotion, as it is about lust and fiery sexuality. I want to explore and expand all of these elements with you!!

When we are together, there is nothing else on my mind besides making you feel amazing. I want to feel and validate all of you.

Let's make a date! (please fill out the Booking Form bellow)
It's with extreme pleasure that I look forward to helping you master these techniques and fall into bliss. I can't wait to go on this journey of connection and joy with you!

I'm affectionate by nature, and I tend to overflow with genuine love and kindness. I have depth because of my age (42), and a very loving presence that people tell me they can feel. When I put my attention on you, it's like warm sun on a winter's day. I've found I'm the truest version of myself when I have the opportunity to shower you with feminine softness & sweet adoration!

Tantra Escort Rates:
*2 Hour Minimum/3-5 Hours Suggested

Screening and Deposit Requirements:

*I Screen via a photo of your government issued ID with name, birthday, and DL number/passport number visible. If you're *additionally* willing to send me a link to your work identity or online presence, that provides a wonderful extra feeling of safety for me.


Deposits protect me against last minute cancellations, and weed out disrespectful clients. I know this can make some people nervous! You are welcome to give me a call so you can hear my voice and "feel me out" to ease any worries you might have. I've been an expert in my field for 13 years and my reputation matters to me. I promise I'll always treat you, your money and your privacy with love and respect!

For sessions of this nature I require a $500 Deposit via Wishtender.com (A very secure site where you can use a credit or debit card. Please be aware that it will show up as WishTender LLC on your statement) or via Amazon gift card.

*For the rest of the session fee, I require cash from first time clients. Once we're established, if you’d like to pay electronically, please get my permission first, and be prepared to add an additional 10% transaction fee.

*Payments are for my time and Tantra instruction ONLY.

*Please read through my FAQ & Etiquette page before continuing. Thank you!

Application To Meet:

If you're interested in seeing me for a Tantra Escorting, please fill out this application form. You are welcome to follow up with a text. Thank you!