Tantra Escort

Tantra Instruction By Escort

What is a Tantra Escort, and why is it on the menu now?

A Tantra Escort is a Tantra Teacher who teaches through more intimate encounters.

Why now?....Well, to be honest...I've simply been extra horny lately and want to ramp up the energy exchange.

Over the years as a "Strictly Massage" provider, I sometimes felt tempted to take my offerings to a different level, but I rarely ever did.

Now, my style of teaching Tantra has come to such an ecstatic place that it really gets my energy (and yours) flowing so hard, that I sometimes have a difficult time holding back. I want to feel your chest against my chest. Feel your heart, and touch you more deeply and be swept away with you.

So I've been asking myself, Why not teach Tantra in a more intimate context? Tantra is THE BEST. And finding a Tantra Escort is rare.  I've never met one, although I know they are out there.

And so I am trying on a new offering that I call, "Limited Availability Tantra Escort".

What do I mean by "Limited Availability"?

Well, this new offering differs from a typical escort in many ways.

First of all, I am extremely "low volume" in that I may only offer a session of this nature a few times a year. You'll need to fill out my special booking form below if you are interested in applying. Please don't send me pictures of yourself to try to entice me...My turn on is Tantric, which means I'm way more interested in your energy, and your mastery of moving it, than what you look like.  I'd prefer to ignore the illusion of outer beauty and just "feel you" with my heart and my soul. That might sound cheesy, but I'm woo like that. If you want to turn me on, get centered and fill your thoughts with love, surrender, reverence and gratitude! And if you're not there yet (don't worry, most people aren't) I can help you! Tantra is as much about Spiritual devotion, as it is about lust and fiery sexuality. It's a beautiful combination if you ask me!

Secondly, I am offering Tantra instruction, rather than a "have your way with me free-for-all" (although once you're a good enough student, it could certainly come to that!)
Real and *thorough* Tantra is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I mean completely next level, blow your mind, epic, you-didn't-know-this-was-possible kind of amazing. Many providers throw the word around, but don't really understand the full capacity of it. Even my massage clients are just feeling the tip of the iceburg. An ongoing tutelage is needed to get to any sort of advanced place.

Third...I'm in charge.
I am not dominant by nature, so this is extremely nuanced! But in general, my real-time boundaries and authentic turn-on will run the show. I LOVE to completely surrender to the Tantric flow once your body has become a Tantric channel. And yet, even in total surrender and submission, I remain the teacher.

I'll teach you everything you need to do to become fully Tantric.

This mastery could take time, depending on where you are at with your inner-energy-moving-abilities, so I want to be clear that next level intimacy will only happen between us once you're "there", Tantrically-speaking. Please be prepared for your mastery to take more than one session. This is a tutelage that could last one day, or for many years.

What people have loved about my Tantra Massage is that I offer something akin to a GFE. I'm very affectionate, and I authentically overflow with genuine love and kindness. In general, I have depth because of my age (40), and a very loving presence that people can feel. When I put my attention on you, it's like warm sun on a winter's day. It helps me feel like the I'm in the truest version of myself to be able to shower you with my feminine softness & sweet adoration!

I'll hold space for your tenderness, as well as your fire. 

When we are together, there is nothing else on my mind besides making you feel amazing...On emotional, as well as physical, levels, I want to feel and validate all of you.

Once you're "there", it will be mind-blowingly good. 
That, I promise.

Tantra Escort Rates: 

*2 Hour Minimum/3+Hours Suggested 


Screening and Deposit Requirements:

My safety is extremely important to me. When I feel safe, we will have a better time together!

*Please note: I don't see everyone who contacts me about this service. I'm a niche provider and I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone based on my own inner guidance. Please don't be hurt if I decline your request. Sometimes it's really not that there's anything "wrong" with you. I just want there to be a genuine energetic match between us! As noted above, this has nothing to do with your looks so please don't send me photos. 

*I screen via a photo of your government issued ID. This can be a driver's license or passport. If you're additionally willing to send me a link to your work identity or online presence, that is wonderful as well. Feel free to black out your address, but it will need to show your name, birthday and driver's license number or passport number.


Deposits protect me against last minute cancellations, and weed out disrespectful clients. I know this can make some people nervous! You are welcome to give me a call so you can hear my voice and "feel me out" to ease any worries you might have. I've been an expert in my field for 13 years and my reputation matters to me. I promise I'll always treat you, your money and your privacy with love and respect!

For sessions of this nature I require a $500 Deposit via Paypal, Venmo, or Amazon gift card. 

If you choose the Fly Me to You option, I'll need you to provide 50% of the fee upfront.

For the rest of the session fee, I require cash from first time clients. Once we're established, If you’d like to pay electronically, please add an additional 10% transaction fee.

*Payments are for my time and Tantra instruction ONLY and you will never pay me for any sexual exchange

Application To Meet

If you're interested in seeing me in this Escorting context, please fill out this application form. You are welcome to follow up with a text. Thank you!