Etiquette * Getting The Most From Your Sensual Experience

I'm an experienced provider, but I'm also a real girl---a lady even! 

*Take note: Manners are a HUGE turn-on for me. :) 

Screening Instructions: 

I will be meeting with you---a man I don't know--- behind locked doors, so at at the very least, for my own safety and ability to relax fully, I'd like to know your identity please! 

Most sophisticated independent girls require screening, and I find it's simplest for you just to send me a photo of your ID. To ensure a speedy booking, please text me a pic of your ID which I will delete immediately after verification.

I know this process can feel scary, but the more you tell me about yourself, the more you will put me at ease. And when a sensual woman feels safe & at ease...Well, let's just say, the better I feel, the better YOU will feel!!! :) 

Thank you for putting your trust in me. I promise to honor your privacy...and I sincerely appreciate you for helping me feel safe!!!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Session (aka Rules):

1. Please bring an open heart and mind and be ready to follow my lead! 

If you are unattached to any specific outcome, and willing to let me guide us into the deepest pleasure possible, you will get the most out of your session. It's important to me that you have the best experience possible, & I'll do everything I can to make that happen!

Each session can be different, so be ready to be surprised! My sessions can range from light & playful, to emotionally nourishing, affectionate, and deep...even profoundly healing. **Please share any desires/intentions you have so I can craft the journey to your liking!

2. Please arrive sober and on time (not early) to your session. 

If you are running late please do let me know. If you "no-show" or cancel at the last minute without offering a donation (I pay for the space and travel costs whether you show up or not), I will not reschedule with you. 

3. There is no need to shower before you come because you will start and finish your session with a lovely shower (or ask me about my Tantric Bath Ritual!) at the upscale apartment where I work.

4. I do not offer deep tissue massage. Although I can do some deeper work if needed, in general I have a light touch that's meant to soothe away all stress and cares, and fill your body with tingly bliss! 

5. Please have your donation ready and give it to me right when you arrive,  so we can forget any notion of transaction and slip into a expansive world of divine pleasure!

*All money exchanged is for companionship and Tantra Education only. 

I prefer to be paid in cash, and I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT CARDS. And sadly, I can no longer take Venmo or Paypal without charging a 15% processing fee. I do take Bitcoin. :)

6. Please understand why I recommend the 2Hr sessions. Tantra is about the build. It's about going on a sensual journey. I will be teaching you specific skills and with enough time you can get into an altered state through the energy practices I teach. The longer sessions allow what I'm teaching you to "work their magic". Longer sessions also allow me to relax and surrender as well. When you book a 2-3hr session with me you will REALLY feel a massive difference over the 1hr or 90 min session. (So if you start with a 1hr to 'sample" what I offer you will NOT get a real feel for it) True Tantra takes your sexual energy/experience to the next level. I'm FREQUENTLY told "That was the best massage I've ever had!" Truthfully, it's rare that I ever even do 1hr sessions. I'm happy to do one, but it will not give you the true mind-blowing experience that is real Tantra, and I'd hate for you to miss out on that.

**One last thing...I treat our private time together with the utmost respect, and I will never share details about it without your permission. I use an encrypted email service and an offshore host. I take your privacy and security seriously, as I request you do mine. Please respect the intimate nature of our time together, and keep the details of our encounter to yourself. You are welcome to email or text me reviews, but I don't have reviews linked to my ads because I find it distasteful. Our time together is special. I view it as a sacred exchange that's intimate and private.

Thank you, Thank you!