Etiquette * How to Get The Most From Your Experience * 

I prefer relationships over rules. 

And the sooner we can get logistics out of the way, the sooner we can get lost in overwhelming pleasure.

The following things will help me surrender to your beautiful masculine presence.

1. I'll Need to Know Your Identity For My Safety

You may send me a photo of your government-issued ID with name, birthday, and DL number/passport number visible.

Or, if you have over 1500 Linked-In connections, you may message me from your account

I know this can feel vulnerable, but I assure you I take your privacy VERY seriously, as I request you do mine. *There is nothing illegal about inquiring for my services or seeing me.

2. I Require a $100 Deposit for Massage, $200 for Bondassage, and $500+ for Escorting to Secure Your Session Time.

Deposits protect me against last minute cancellations, and weed out disrespectful clients. We can schedule a call so you can hear my voice, to ease any worries. I've been at the top of my field for 13 years and my reputation matters to me. I promise I'll *always* treat you with love and respect!

*Deposits are always refunded if I have to cancel. If you cancel, they are not refundable.

Deposit Instructions:

A. For bookings more than a few days out, you can purchase an Mastercard Gift Card here. This will show up on your credit card as a generic Amazon purchase. This option can take 4-6 hours to process.

B. Sooner than that, please purchase an Amazon Gift Card here. Choose the $100 Amount for Massage, $200 for Bondassage, or $500 for an Escort session (after I've approved your application). Then choose 'Delivery by Text Message', & Enter my phone number (808 425 1368) into the "To" Field. They will send the redemption code directly to my phone. Please be sure to enter your full name in the From field, so I know it was you!

3. I only accept cash and crypto for the rest of the session cost. Please hand it to me right when you arrive. That way we can forget any notion of transaction, and slip right into our beautiful journey!

*All money exchanged is for companionship and Tantra Education only.

4. Please Arrive Sober and Do Not Arrive Early. If you are running late, please let me know. If you cancel at the last minute without offering a donation, I will not schedule with you again. Also, I know it can be tempting to take the edge off with a glass of wine or beer, but you will get so much more out of your session if you come sober! I promise all fears and tension will melt away when we first embrace!

5. Please follow My Parking/Arrival Instructions to the Letter. I've thought this through, and will guide you to the place that will have the least impact on neighbors, and be the most under the radar. Also...I only ever work in upscale & safe neighborhoods so your safety and privacy have already been considered.

6. No Need to Shower Before You Come. You will start and finish your session with a warm shower in my thoroughly disinfected and beautiful spa-style bathroom.  (Click here to learn about my Tantric Bath Ritual)

7. I'm Allergic to Cologne and Strongly Scented Products. Please skip the scented products when prepping to come see me.

8. Please bring an open mind and an open heart! Kindness, respect, integrity, and generosity are the cornerstones of my character. Please be willing to match me with these qualities.


~My Hours Are Roughly 10:30am-9pm. When you reach out, please state your availability in terms of a 'window', i.e. "I could arrive by 10am and would need to be driving away by 3pm". That will help me best accommodate your needs.

~ I Do Outcalls but it often means I'd miss another booking. Therefore, I need to charge double my normal fee for outcalls.

~ I Do a Light Fingertip Style Massage That's Meant to Fill Your Body With Tingles. I have been to a highly acclaimed massage school, and although I don't do deep work, my touch has been called "magic" on many occasions!

~Why I Recommend 2Hr (or ideally longer) Sessions: Tantra is about the build. I love edging and teaching you how to move the energy that's building all throughout your body. I will be teaching you specific skills to expand your capacity to sustain this "next-level pleasure". If you're worried you won't last, I promise that you can! If the session is long enough, you can get into a true "altered state" through the energy practices that I teach. Longer sessions also allow me to relax and forget about the time, which I absolutely love to do.

~ If You Deal with ED, Tantra Can Help! However if you like to take Viagra or similar, please do feel free to take it or bring it with you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through all of this. I can't wait to see you!

XOXOXO! Summer