Hello You! I'm excited to share my recent photos! Clients often comment that I look better in person. :)  In addition to my passion for Tantra & FBSM, I take pride in my fitness and love to be outside playing when weather allows. (and sometimes even when it doesn't!)

I love to dance and sing and be goofy, and use my body in all the glorious ways that I can! I have a passion for life, and for living it to the fullest potential. Some of these pics were taken by friends, a couple by professional photographers, and of course a classic "bathroom selfie". :)

I love generous, open-hearted, kind and caring people, and I love building deep connections in this often shallow world. I'm a low-volume provider...just a normal girl really...who just loves to pamper, be pampered, and bask in blissful states! 

I'm frequently told my positive energy is infectious, and I love to uplift and inspire those around me! :)