Tantra in Nashville & Beyond

2024 Spring Tour

(These are tentative, and will be based on what prebookings I get, so reach out now to secure your date!)

*Nashville: Feb 21 through March 3rd

*Santa Cruz, CA: March 7th-April 1st

*Wilmington, Delaware: April 17th-22nd

*Philadelphia: April 22nd-27th

*NYC: April 29-May 6th

*Nashville: May 8th-15th

*Las Vegas: May 15th-19th (Wed through Sat)

*Nashville: May 20-24th

*Las Vegas May 24th-May 27 (Memorial Day Weekend, Thur through Sunday)

*Nashville May 28th-June 13th

*Las Vegas June 13th-16th

*Philadelphia June 18-23rd

*NYC or Wilmington DE June 23-July 1st

*Las Vegas July 3-7th

It's a busy time of year for me, so I'll only be in each city for a very short time...Catch me while you can!

2023 Fall Tour


Want me to let you know when I’m headed your way? Email me with your full name, what type of session/s youre interested in, and put the words "Travel Alerts" + your location in the subject line.

I've taken the past 9 months-ish off, and am very much hoping to get back to you soon! I'm not sure if/when I'll be available for sessions again, but you can fill out a booking request form to be updated.

I'm sheltering-in-place in Northern California, in a little house by the beach with a beautiful deck for sunbathing, and trails nearby. The full moon is lighting up the white puffy clouds in the cold night sky right now, and it's beauty has inspired me to write to you!

I wanted to write a Valentine's Day Blog Post, and I'm thinking on images of red and pink, hearts, cupids and lacey paper goodness.

Those games where women pretend not to want sex...it's bullshit. They want it. And they will want it from you, regardless of your looks or financial status, IFFFF you know how to touch them in all the right ways.

Life is at times joyous and playful, and other times gritty and hard. To provide pleasure for a living is VERY fulfilling.