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It's a weird and stressful time, yet we all need relaxation & pleasure more than ever!!

In addition to being a Tantra Teacher, I am a Health-Research-Nerd, so here's what I do to stay healthy during Corona times!

I'm sheltering-in-place in Northern California, in a little house by the beach with a beautiful deck for sunbathing, and trails nearby. The full moon is lighting up the white puffy clouds in the cold night sky right now, and it's beauty has inspired me to write to you!

I wanted to write a Valentine's Day Blog Post, and I'm thinking on images of red and pink, hearts, cupids and lacey paper goodness.

Those games where women pretend not to want sex...it's bullshit. They want it. And they will want it from you, regardless of your looks or financial status, if you know how to touch them.

People often ask me this, especially in relation to all of the risks associated with this work.