Cupid's Arrow Looks Like a Penis


I wanted to write a Valentine's Day Blog Post,  and I'm thinking on images of red and pink, hearts, cupids and lacey paper goodness. 

In my mind's eye I see those little naked cherubs flying around my head, and think......WAIT, WHY are there images of children mixed with erotic love???!  ARGH. NOT COOL. (But OK, I'll save this rant for another day). Ok, I'm moving on...

Because also...

Has anyone else noticed that arrows look like penises?

Or am I just a perv? 

(Wait...don't answer that!!!)

And so...

That's it.

That's my Valentine's Day post. 

Short and sweet. 

Cupid's arrow looks like a penis.

That's it.

I raise my cup of organic bone broth, and say, 'Cheers' to all my fellow pervs who see vulvas in orchids, and oranges, and Happy Valentine's Day to all the sexy bitches who see penises in arrows.