Women Want to Be Well-Fucked.


Women Want to Be Well-Fucked.

Those games where women pretend not to want sex...it's bullshit. They want it. And they will want it from you, regardless of your looks or financial status, IFFFF you know how to touch them in all the right ways.

I see it all the time in the Advanced Tantra Workshops. Group photos that are full of gorgeous young women and a few "not-great-looking-guys".... with GIANT smiles on their faces.

Because, at the end of the day, a woman wants to be fucked WELL. 

Not JUST fucked. Because any woman could probably raise her hand, in any bar, ask if any guys in the room would like to go home with her right then, and she could get mediocre sex, right away. As I'm sure you've noticed, women have NO problems getting and abundance of (basic, mediocre) sex any time they want it. 

Unfortunately for us gals, mediocre sex is the norm.

Perhaps you're in a relationship and the sex has gone stale...Ever considered that it might be you? (sorry if that pissed you off, but just consider it for a second!!) This means that YOU can bring back the magic without having to leave her for someone new, or even tell her you are learning anything.

Maybe you're already good in bed...You aim to please her first, and you make sure she has a few orgasms before you have yours, but your orgasm will naturally end the evening, right??? (btw, bummer) I can teach you how to change that, and last for hours after you've already orgasmed (a few times)

Perhaps you delight in giving oral sex, and so you think that makes you a good lover. Well that will move you from the "bad sex" category to at decent lover at least! But this is a tiny fraction of what I'm talking about.

Perhaps you take your time.

Perhaps you make sure to look in her eyes.

Perhaps you think being a pleaser makes you a good lover.

Perhaps you make her cum multiple times.

But the truth is, what makes a man REALLY good in bed is....Like "I'm climbing the walls to see you again good", is...

....wait for it...


(And a man's ability to harness it, 

move it, 

expand it, 

contract it, 

play with it, 

and control it).

If you aren't in control of your breathing, your energy, and you aren't doing things with your mind (and other tricks I teach), then you are not as good of a lover as you could be.

Want to make women MELT and come begging for more?

Then master your ENERGY.

Sure, having a hot body and a gorgeous face is great. We all love that. 

But I'd take sex, every time, with someone who's lower on the looks scale, but a master of their energy, over someone who's a 10++ hottie but isn't a master of their energy. Mastering your energy is THE most important part of becoming an amazing lover.

Let me teach you!!!