Travel/TourDates 2021


It's a weird and stressful time, yet we all need relaxation & pleasure more than ever!!

I've decided to pause all air travel, and spend most of my time near Nashville for the next couple of months.

I'll be spending the coming months mostly enjoying alone-time out in the country, in between my delicious time connecting with you in town. I will still be coming to Nashville for work, but I'm looking forward to crackling fires in a little cabin, and just being quiet and introspective, when I'm not spending wonderful warm sensual time with you!

I'm very much looking forward to our time together, and I'll still be running my special virus-killing machine in my work space. 

Additionally, I keep my blood streams full of anti-virals, Zinc and VitD3, and I'm pretty sure I already had Covid last Feb. Your safety is important to me, and I feel confident that our time together will be safe for both of us.

Because I'm craving more quiet in general right now, I've decided to also move my work space out of downtown! 

I'm creating a beautiful new session space in the West Nashville area, at a gorgeous friend's house. I can't wait to meet you there!!! This perfect new session space is only 10 mins from downtown Nashville and I promise you will love it there!

Call me soon to schedule some yummy time together!! I am eager to pamper you and warm you up with my sweet touch and loving presence.

In the Spring I anticipate leaving Nashville for a while, to focus on my other beloved locations!

SF BAY AREA: Headed to you next...Hoping to be there for the month of Feb, or mid Feb to early March.

Florida: I MISS YOU! Fingers crossed I can get to you in April. 

Washington DC (MD Suburbs) & Maybe Philly: Heading to you later in the Spring (hopefully, depending on covid-restrictions) and I hope to spend a lot of the summer in MD!!!

Then, anticipating another trip back to Nashville at the end of the summer!

Can't wait to touch you soon!! xoxoxo