My Shelter-In-Place Update...Missing You!


Hello Beloved! 

I'm sheltering-in-place in Northern California, in a little house by the beach with a beautiful deck for sunbathing, and trails nearby. The full moon is lighting up the white puffy clouds in the cold night sky right now, and it's beauty has inspired me to write to you!

I'm doing my best to stay calm, but I can't say it's been easy...

The stress of wondering how I'm going to survive this situation financially, has had me riding the edge of sanity more than a few times! I'm cooking a lot (and eating a lot!), I hike, dance, do yoga, and sing every day to keep sane. I masturbate a lot. Haha. :)

I SO miss the sweetness of in-person connections! 

I think on you, and wonder what you're doing in your quarantine, and how you're staying sane and safe...and if you're being loved-well...and I SO hope you are. 

I'm crossing my fingers that we can be together soon. To that effect, I booked some plane tickets (with no change fees) today!

One Last Note...

A few of you have offered to prepay for sessions, or send me a gift, to help me through this difficult time. I'd absolutely LOVE that, as I've been in a near-constant battle with panic about my financial survival through all this! Your generosity and support truly means the world to me!

And more than anything...please, please, do take extra-sweet care of yourself during this very crazy time...

With so much love & compassion,