Let's Talk About Sex...Why Do I Recommend Longer Sessions?


FAQ: "Why do you so strongly recommend the 2-3Hr sessions? I'm extremely busy, and I just want to sneak away for an hour!"

Here's the deal...

I LOVE teaching Tantra. 

And, it takes TIME to teach you how to embody the techniques for controlling your orgasm, how to access an energy greater than oneself, how to pulse waves of energetic pleasure through my body without even touching me.

Sometimes it really takes time for you to find your way into your body from your overactive mind. 

Sometimes it takes some time to even get to a deeply relaxed state at all, and then once I have you there, I want to go even deeper and build the pleasure higher!

So I love having enough time to BASK in that greater energy that you'll be learning to build and control, as it rolls through our bodies as warm waves of tingly bliss! 


I LOVE empowering you through Tantric techniques to reach your full sexual potential....but that takes some time.


I LOVE when a man is losing his mind with pleasure, and he just can't even believe the levels of arousal, control and bliss he's achieving...and then we go EVEN higher. I LOVE being able to enjoy this with you, and not have to rush off to the next thing!


I LOVE having enough time to completely lose track of the outside world.

And... I promise you will love it too.

Tantra is about slowing down. It's about dropping into the energy and riding the build.

It's about going on a sensual journey. Sometimes we can get into an "altered state" even.

 2, 2.5 & 3 hour sessions allow the practices that I'm teaching you to "work their magic". (I think 2.5 hrs is the sweet spot)

When you book a long session with me you will REALLY feel a massive difference between the longer sessions and the shorter sessions. 

A 1hr Tantra Massage and a 2Hr Session are like 2 different animals all together. (A 2hr session is not just twice the 1Hr session. If a 1hr session is like going on a daytrip, than a 2 hour session is like going to the moon!!).

True Tantra, given time to work it's magic, takes sexual pleasure to the TOP FLOOR. 

And I'm positively delighted & excited to embark on this delicious journey with you!!!!!