5 Reasons Why I Do This Work


Reason #1: 

Life is at times joyous and playful, and other times gritty and hard. To provide pleasure for a living is VERY fulfilling.

In our culture we often value achievement and hustle more than quiet, relaxed enjoyment of life. 

I believe challenging ourselves to achieve is a great way to build character and to grow and evolve.  But I've also found that it's so important to keep balance. It's important to PAUSE to nourish our bodies and our spirits. Because, stopping to recharge along the way, will actually help you reach your goals faster! 

It gives me such deep and fulfilling joy to help you recharge and find your way back to your true nature of joy and passion. 

Reason #2:

I especially love men. (and I cherish women too!) I believe that men need more tenderness and femininity in their lives, in this overly-masculinized world. I love to lift a man toward his goals, through opening up his energy-pathways and flooding his body with blissful energy.

I also believe men are underserved in the world of self-care and personal growth. 

Building a deep and beautiful connection with one's-self, through pleasure, is one of the most profound ways to deepen satisfaction and happiness in life.

To slow down and connect with our bodies in a sensual way, and celebrate the miracles that we are, is proven to increase our overall happiness in life. I believe that IF men were happier and more relaxed...even dare I say *super-charged with sexual pleasure & love*...our entire world would be a better place. I love the phrase 'Happy Wife, Happy Life'...but I also believe, 'Happy Man, Happy Clan!'  (Yes, I just made that up. haha)  

It's SO deeply satisfying to help you find balance in your masculine strivings, by bathing you in soft tenderness, feminine beauty & grace.

Reason #3:

On the Spiritual side, there's a much larger "Energy" out there that we can tap into, that is often being ignored, and this saddens me.

This cosmic energy is magical and vast and nourishing to the soul. It can as well, be nourishing to the body and physically strengthening.

 It's the same energy that people tap into through martial arts, Chi Gong, meditation, Reiki and (ideally) religion. 

I've spent my whole life learning about energy, and learning how to teach mastery of it. It makes me feel connected to something greater than this small human existence...to tap into that energy, harness some of it, and guide it into another's body for their pleasure and evolution. 

Our bodies are a miracle. It's incredible to me how they're designed to be able to feel so much pleasure! (way more pleasure btw, than most people realize is possible) Tantra is about learning how to EXPAND that pleasure and SUSTAIN it. 

In Tantra, we learn how to tap into That-Much-Larger-Energy through practices that empower us to move that energy all throughout our bodies and our partner's body. Tantra takes basic sex and supercharges it with a certain kind of "God energy". Tantra is so profound that I find "non-tantric sex" incredibly boring now!

Tantra is expansive, it's healing, recharging...and truthfully, it's mind-blowing! You don't need to have sex to experience Tantra (and I don't offer sex anyway)....I can teach you on my massage table, while you are getting deeply relaxed.

Reason #4:

I love being able to tap deeper into my femininity every day, and let that spill out in nourishing ways. 

Reason #5:

I love giving. It's such a joy to create a timeless, floating, pleasure-vacation for you!

And, so, now you know why I've dedicated myself to this work!

It's an honor to help you slow down and enjoy life! Thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity to support you!