How To Connect With Me!

Learn Tantra Through Fabulous Sensual Massage, FBSM in Nashville, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

How to Book With Me:

Step 1: *Please read my Services & Pricing and Etiquette & Rules Pages.

Step 2: When you reach out to me, Please:

   1. Use Manners...that's a big turn on for me!

   2. Use Your Full Name (You'd be surprised how many people contact me with the same first name, in the same day & its hard to keep everything straight) *And, Please tell me something about yourself so I can begin to get a feel for you (or use the booking form below). 

   3. Indicate in which city you'd like to see me. I work in many cities and it gets confusing!

*Please be ready to text me a photo of your ID to help speed up the screening/booking process.

(808) 425-1368 

Or, you can fill out my booking form here:

Contact Info:

(808) 425-1368

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Where To Find Me! 

FBSM & Tantric Sensual Massage in Nashville in May!

I frequently visit Philadelphia, Nashville, Washington DC & Northern California (Bay Area). (see my blog for tour dates)

I'm a low-volume provider, and, I only see clients who are extremely respectful, kind, and sincere! I am genuine, open-hearted, and I consider our time together to be a sacred honoring of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. <3 I have a deep reverence for my femininity, as well as for your wonderful masculine energy.

I do hope you'll contact me right away to begin our delicious journey! 

xoxo, Summer