Booking Your Session

Learn Tantra Through One-on-One Sensual Massage! FBSM in Nashville, Florida, Washington DC, NYC, & Philadelphia 

I'm so glad you're here! Here's how to book with me:


First:  I'd love if you explored my whole website, but at a minimum, please read my  Etiquette page & ideally the Pricing page, before contacting me.

Next:  Please Text, Call, or fill out The Booking Form below (Text for fastest response...any time is fine, I turn off my ringer when I sleep) 

   ~Thank you in advance for introducing yourself with your full name (It can get confusing otherwise!)

   ~Please indicate in which city you'd like to see me, & some scheduling options that would work for you, if you know.
   ~Please be ready to text me the photo of your ID (that you hopefully read about on the Etiquette page) to get the screening process underway. (It's fine to wait until you are sure of my availability, but if you send it too late, I may not have time to run the background check before your desired appointment time)

Lastly: I'm now asking for a Deposit to reserve your session. I know this can feel vulnerable, so you have my sincere gratitude in advance! (Last minute cancellations have really been making work-trips difficult, so I really appreciate your understanding)

    ~$50 in Nashville/Santa Cruz

   ~$100 in Washington DC, Philly, Florida & NYC.  

You can pay this Deposit in one of 2 ways:

1. You can click here to purchase an Amazon Gift Card.  (Just enter my email into the Delivery "To" field and they will send me the code to redeem) 

2. You can Venmo me if you add 10% (Text me for the QR code)


~XOXO~ Summer

(808) 425-1368

The Booking Form: 

(For faster response, text me afterward, to let me know you've completed this, as I do not get notifications)

Where To Find Me! 

FBSM & Tantric Sensual Massage in Nashville, Washington DC, West Palm Beach, & NYC!

I love to visit Nashville, Philadelphia, Florida (looking next at West Palm Beach), Washington DC, Atlanta, Louisville & The Bay Area--Santa Cruz, CA). I'm planning to go to Jazz Fest this year in New Orleans and see a few clients when I'm there in case you're headed there too!

I'm a low-volume provider, and, I only see clients who are extremely respectful, kind, and sincere! I am genuine, open-hearted, and I consider our time together to be a sacred honoring of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  I have a deep reverence for my femininity, as well as for your sacred masculine energy. I love excellent manners.

I do hope you'll contact me right away, so we can begin our sumptuous journey together!