Booking Your Couples Session

Learn Tantra Through Erotic Couples Massage or Escorting! 

I currently offer Tantric FBSM in Nashville, Washington DC, & The SF Bay Area/Silicon Valley but I tour to other locations as well, so feel free to reach out any time to find out where I am! :)

Here's How to Book A Tantric Couples Massage With Me:

First:  Please make sure you've read my  FAQ/Etiquette  & Pricing pages

2nd: Please Fill out the Booking Form below. You are welcome to text or call instead, as long as you attach your ID and answer all of the questions that are on the Booking Form in the text or phone call.

3rd:  Please be ready to text me a photo of your ID (or upload it to the Booking Form) so I can get the screening process underway. This is not negotiable, but I’d be happy to speak with you first if you'd like. I use email with end-to-end encryption, so you may email it to me or text it, or upload it below.

 (It's fine to wait until you are sure of my availability. But if you send it too late, I may not have time to run the background check before your desired appointment time)

Lastly: I'll need a $100 Deposit to reserve your session. I know this can feel vulnerable, so you have my sincere gratitude in advance! Last minute cancellations have really been hard on me, so I really appreciate your willingness to help protect me from that, so I can stay in business. This is not negotiable, sorry. My enjoyment of my work has skyrocketed, ever since I put this policy in place, and I'm very grateful...Thank you sincerely!!!

You can pay this Deposit in one of 2 ways: 

A. You can click here to purchase an Amazon Gift Card. (Just enter my email or phone number into the Delivery "To" field and they will send me the redemption code) Or, you can also click here to buy a Visa Gift Card through my Amazon Wish List.

B. (*My apologies, but this option is temporarily on hold until they get their site back up and running as of March 2, 2024) You can fulfill a Pay My Deposit wish on very secure site where you can use a credit or debit card. Please be aware that it will show up as WishTender LLC on your statement) For bookings 2.5hrs or less please choose the option of: Pay My Deposit for a Massage $100, and for bookings 3hrs or longer please choose the option of Pay My Deposit for a Massage, Long Session. Here's the link, but please fill out the Booking Form first and wait for my approval before sending:


~XOXO~ Summer

(808) 425-1368

Here's The Couples Sensual Massage Booking Form:

(Please ping me afterward for fastest response. If you prefer, you can send your ID via text as long as you also fill out this form)

Where To Find Me! 

FBSM & Tantric Sensual Massage and Escorting in Nashville, Washington DC, West Palm Beach, & NYC

I'm based in the Bay Area of CA, but visit Nashville most frequently of all my touring destinations. 

I also enjoy traveling to Washington DC, Philadelphia, NJ/NY, Atlanta & Florida (looking next at West Palm Beach).

I'm a low-volume provider, and, I only see clients who are extremely respectful, kind, and sincere. 

I am genuine & open-hearted, and I consider our time together to be a sacred honoring of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.  I have a deep reverence for my femininity, as well as for your sacred energy. 

I love excellent manners, so please bring yours if you’d like to see me!

I do hope you'll contact me now, so we can begin our sumptuous journey together!