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Tantra Options in NYC

What can I say about NYC? 

New York might be famous for it's food, Broadway theater, pizza, and art. But I just love the city's cultural diversity and architecture!

We've all been to the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, and Times Square. But below the surface in New York City, there is an erotic world that makes The Big Apple even juicier!

Let me take your hand and lead you into this erotic world.

I visit NYC frequently, and am warm, bubbly, free spirited....and eager to flood your body with pleasure!

I have training in various modalities: Sensual & Erotic Massage, Tantra and Tantric Massage, Sexological Bodywork, Taoist Energywork Techniques, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, and Playful Domination. (I am fully trained and certified in the Art of Bondassage® and Elysium by Bondassage®. So if you are seeking a kinky massage in New York City I am your goddess. Click here for more info on that).

I also offer Tantric Escort Sessions in New York when I'm visiting...click here for more about my Tantra Escort Offering .

1. Sensual Massage in New York City

You've worked hard...perhaps you'd like to get away and find yourself some deep reset and relaxation!

Wouldn't it be wonderful to fall into a deep trance under my soft and warm hands?

Imagine it....

I greet you with a warm hug and carefully lead you into the massage oasis I've created for you...

After a warm shower begins to melt away your troubles, you lay down and begin to relax even further.

You are face down and ready to receive. My thick hair brushes over your back, and you sink deeper into the bed or massage table. Feeling your troubles leave your mind and body, the back of your neck tingles as my soft lips graze you.

 As you shed more and more of your tension, you drift into a level of profound bliss. You're safe, you're happy...waves of ecstasy surge through your body and soul. These waves of pleasure continue to surge and fall, surge and fall....

You emerge satisfied, renewed and recharged, ready to focus and ready to thrive.

2. New York City Bondassage

Light bondage … sensory deprivation … esoteric bodywork and sensation play in NYC …whether you're a curious newbie or an experienced seeker, I'd be delighted to be your guide on a journey of submission, exploration, and pleasure.

Letting go is where we find our true power. 

So many men in New York City are experiencing "power fatigue". Aren't you ready to lay down and just surrender?? Let me take control. 

This incredibly sensual art form is unlike anything you've ever experienced. It all starts with you naked and kneeling … a leather collar around your neck, and padded cuffs binding your wrists and ankles.

Your eyes are covered with a silky blindfold as I take you on a delicious journey of sensation and rapture.

Click here for rates and more info

3. Tantra Escort in NYC

What is a Tantra Escort?

A Tantra Escort Session is a good match for you if you are interested in mastering your sexual energy and gaining better control of your orgasm. You will learn the ancient art of Tantra (more and more with each time we meet) and advance your sexual and energetic skills in my Escort sessions.

Perhaps you've heard about Tantra and would like to learn in a one-on-one context...(as you will read here, please prepare to have many sessions to achieve mastery)

Perhaps you're craving closeness...connection...loving embrace...

Maybe you've experienced Tantra Massage but want to enjoy more intimacy...

Maybe your life is filled with stress and you want to escape it all through pleasure and en energy exchange

Perhaps you'd like to gain new skills to master your stress or move your energy.

When I visit NYC I love to carve out some time to escape with a kind and generous gentleman...perhaps this time that will be you?

When Am I Offering Tantra in NYC?

Well, I'm glad you asked! ;)

I try to provide Sensual Massage and Tantra Escorting in NYC every few months.

I'm usually there for 3-5 days at a time, and prebookings will often determine my schedule.

Please click here to fill out a Booking Form if you'd like to see me!

Or, if you'd like to sign up for a Travel Alert, please email me with the words TRAVEL ALERT NYC in the subject line! I will let you know the next time I'm planning to be near you.

I typically offer my explorations of Tantra in Midtown Manhattan (near the Empire State Building), The Upper East Side, or The Upper West Side but I'm always looking to explore the city! So I am open to location recommendations. I can host or come to you, whichever you prefer!

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LOCATIONS BELOW ARE APPROXIMATE AND NOT EXACT. Do not show up at any of these locations on the maps below, and please do not assume that's where we will be meeting. I will give you actual directions, and exact parking instructions, once we have a confirmed booking. THANKS!!!